This is How You Do a Bachelorette Trip

Plan your Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is the ultimate event you can have with your friend before she embarks into her new married life. Call the bridesmaids, and start organizing this unique and unforgettable event. 

We’d like to give you a little help here at  Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, bring all your crew to paradise and get amazing rockstar amenities that will definitely make it less overwhelming.

These are all the amazing amenities you can get when planning a bachelorette party, Hard Rock style. 

Private Check-In

No one wants to wait in line, we know that. We’ll give you a private check-in for you and your band so everything runs smoothly. 

VIP Treatment

There’s nothing better than getting star treatment throughout your stay. You need to make a reservation at one of our restaurants? Done. You want to book a tour? Sure. We’ve got you covered all the way. 

Room Upgrade

This is definitely one of our favorites when you book a room you automatically get an upgrade to the next category! That means more space and literally more of everything. 

1 Dinner Reservation

We have a lot to bring to the table, literally. You can pick from any of our fine dining restaurants, from Brazilian steakhouse and Mexican to Asian and international, you pick what your crew wants and we will help you out with a restaurant reservation.

1 Massage for all your crew

Who knew drinking cocktails by the pool could be exhausting? Head with all your bachelorette crew to Rock Spa® and get the most epic massage. 

Balinese bed with a bottle of sparkling wine

Cancun has amazing views of the beach, but the views are so much better from a Balinese bed while you take a sip of sparkling wine. 

Bachelorette party t-shirt

Get an official bachelorette party t-shirt so you can match with the bride and bridesmaids! It’s also a great memory to take back home. 

Open Bar in Coco Bongo

Party like there’s no tomorrow in Coco Bongo, a place where you will get a mix of Cirque du Soleil, a club, music shows and characterizations of the most epic musicians. It is definitely a show that keeps visitors constantly amazed! 

You can book this offer here!

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