Make your Rock N’Roll fantasy true!

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun makes possible for guests to become rock star legends during their dream vacations.

Yes, that is right! You are not only going to visit one of the favorite destinations in the world to take a break, nor a regular all-inclusive hotel, you are going to the coolest all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya.

And it happens that there is a unique and interactive live music experience for children and not so children. Music Lab allows 12 years old kids and older to move, play and sing while recording their own music video using the songs created by the most iconic musicians in rock history. This turns out to be an early and often the first introduction to a child’s lifelong journey with live music and rock and roll. It’s their opportunity to rock out!

Music Lab has three different activities: Jam Band where you can be part of a band of seven and play one or four instruments, Mix will show you how to become the best DJ in the hotel and Rocktube will turn you into a celebrity.

RockTube allows guests to star in their own music video and walk the red carpet like a celebrity. The video is debuted that evening. Afterwards, the newly created star will be able to upload the video onto their social media pages to share with friends and family.

During each fun-filled show, children will explore live music, movement, and collaborative creativity. Young talents will gain knowledge and develop their musical skills through laughter and imagination. We invite the whole family to join us and play as we aim to build creativity in children of all ages; if you want your kids to enjoy this activity during your stay contact your Public Relations desk.

Live your holiday like a real rock star regardless of the season of the year.

Get ready little rockers!

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