We Are What We Eat

Many people love to eat, whether it is eating healthy or just eating, we all fall into the foodie category; but what to do when you want to eat healthy in a world full of delicious pastas, glorious pizzas, tacos and all that food from different cultures within the reach of our hands? Oh, don’t even let me start with the varieties of cakes around the globe.


Ok, so why would you bother in even thinking about changing all that deliciousness to… salads? – Well, my foodie fellows, first of all, you must know that healthy it is not only salads, second, it is not only an excellent idea to eat vegetables every now and then, something for which by the way, your body will be very thankful for, but it is also as delicious as it gets, and on this occasion, it’s even more tasty than regular tastiness – No lie.

Whether you do not know where to start in your healthy journey, or you have been following a diet but are open to new recipes and suggestions, we have an announcement to make, and no, it is not just salads what we’re talking about.


We are proud to introduce to you, our Fresh Fix programs here at Hard Rock Hotels all-inclusive. A truly satisfying eating menu that will teach you a thing or two about healthy food and how yummy it can be, if you already had the chance to eat delicious food in our Cancun & Riviera Maya properties, now you can make it deliciously healthy.

This program has been carefully designed by the Mexican Chef Karla Hernandez, an enthusiastic healthy food blogger who is also certified by Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She is also author of recently published book “Cook Naturally”, English for “Cocina Naturalmente” and her blog “Pizca de Sabor” where you will found around 1,000 recipes of her authorship that will help you start that healthy leap into this amazing way of life that we are so thrilled to introduce you to.


We know that being on vacations is seeing by many as stuffing your body with junk food, or just food in general, to that we say, remember not everybody who is thin is healthy and not everybody who is overweight is unhealthy; this is what is cool about our new program, you can now come over, relax and just disconnect from the world without worrying about how are you going to look after the holidays – This doesn’t mean you can skip your gym routine, visit our Body Rock® to step it up! – because now you’ll come back even fresher than ever, with a renewed spirit and more healthy.

Nom nom!

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