wax®, the newest addition to The Sound Of Your Stay®

Along with jaw-dropping beach sceneries, five-star accommodations and state of the art cuisine, Hard Rock Hotel Cancun brings you closer to music, like no hotel has done before.

This summer, we are proud to launch wax®, the newest addition to The Sound of Your Stay® program. Partnering with Crosley, one of the world’s most notable turntable manufacturers, and Sony Music Entertainment, a global recording music company, you will be able to appreciate the resurgence of vinyl records.

As part of wax®, you will be offered stylish turntables in the comfort of your room and you will be able to experience the music the way musicians intended. Your vinyl experience includes checking out a Crosley “Keepsake” Record Players and a Crosley Record Carrier Case at the front desk. Inside of the carrier will be a curated collection of quintessential vinyl records spanning from classic “must haves” to records that will bring back a sense of nostalgia and discovery, as well as today’s emerging artists.

During your stay, you can also channel your inner rock star with picks.®, our guitar room service with over 20 enticing Fender guitars to play in your room, and tracks.®, which features playlists that make the perfect soundtrack for your vacation.

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