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My New Year’s Resolutions

  Play more.  Make the trip of a lifetime.  photo credit: @helenchikx Make every night memorable.  Always find time for myself.  Appreciate every sunrise.  Learn something new.  Try new foods.  Enjoy every adventure.  Cherish our family time.  Love every moment of my life.      Thank you for an epic 2016. Can’t wait for 2017! Happy

This is the place

Traveling alone? with friends or family? Either way you’ll get the best out of this Paradise called the Caribbean, our home. Even if you decide to make a quick business stop, you will see how this magical place will unfold for you with everything you need to get the work done and still have time to calm down and relax

Sweet vibrations

Looking for the ultimate relaxing experience? Rhythm & Motion, the world’s first fully immersive music-centric spa menu utilizing amplified vibrations, pressures and patterns is available along with your Hard Rock experience. The groundbreaking experience takes you on a rhythmic massage journey — bass vibrations ripple through the massage table as treble beats come from above,

Amplify your Stay

Plan your perfect getaway with the official Hard Rock Hotels All Inclusive app—your  perfect guide to paradise. You can download the app and use it prior to your stay, throughout your stay, and even after your vacation to find exclusive offers for your next visit. Available for iPhone and Android devices, the app allows you

Step up to Rock Royalty Level

“You gotta wear the right trousers if you’re gonna be a rock star.” – Chris Martin When it comes to luxury and excess, Hard Rock Hotel Cancun knows how to do it right. VIP treatment-seeking guests can get their rock star fix with additional posh amenities and unmatched benefits when they book in a Rock Royalty

Limitless Resort Credit*

Looking for some inspiration to take really awesome selfies on your vacation? Well we are here to make that happen. We changed the game with the world´s first Limitless Resort Credit* offering. So ditch the wallet, the hidden charges, restrictions and limits, and unleash the luxury.   What is Limitless Resort Credit* all about? Just