Meet The Concierges

Have you ever been on a hotel and talk to the concierge desk only to ask them where is the nearest bathroom? – Well then my friends, you have been misusing and not seizing the concierge staff properly; and that is alright, many people do so too, not knowing how these guys can help you in making your holiday an amazing experience. Back in the time of palaces and kings, the concierge (from the Latin conservous) was in charge of making every wish or request of the royalty, a reality. Fast forward to King Louis XI, he took that same concept to his own personal and trustworthy personal and so on, in time, the concierges took on the guest care in genteel establishments and by 1900 they were essential staff in hotels, resorts & luxury accommodation companies.

Today, concierges are inherent to a proper guest care & attention; so, here are some ways in which you can seize their service:

  • Romantic getaway? – Surprise your loved one with flowers and a dinner at a special restaurant.
  • Got luggage problems with the airline? – Just leave a copy of your claim document and the concierge will get in the phone and be the one pending on your luggage until it arrives to your room while you enjoy & relax by the pool or beach.
  • Wondering where can you go to get to know the city better? Tours? – Your concierge will explain everything you need to know and help you out.

Concierges even have degrees, shown in keys, the Clefs d’Or, and this is because of their knowledge of restaurants, bars, hotels, tours, events, and literally EVERYTHING… so when you, the beloved guest goes to them seeking for a recommendation, that amazing concierge that knows what is happening, how it happens, the time, the place and so, (because they have done it and visited those places) will give you several options for you to choose and have the opportunity to create mesmerizing memories, because they are happy when you are happy.

So next time you visit us, remember to get to know your concierges and consult with them any doubts and questions you might have, they will surely go above and beyond to help you out and get a smile out of you.

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